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Newest Free Stuff Offers for 2024

17 May 2024

Just Free Game is a brilliant enterainment website, packed full of free online games that can be played within your browser. To help you get into the mood for Halloween this year, they've made a few dozen Halloween-themed online games available for free, too. These include everything from bubble-shooters and memory games, through to puzzlers and escape adventures. Enjoy!

Healthy Halloween Recipes - If you're keen to host a Halloween party, or to contribute to a potluck celebration at work, but still want to remain healthy throughout the season, one of the nutritious Halloween recipes from this collection is bound to hit the spot.

4 April 2024

Just Free Game is really the only online game site you need to bookmark to help give your mind some rest. Just Free Game is absolutely loaded with free, browser-based games, ranging from branded releases that connect with Pixar movies or classic gaming series, through to idle games, tower defense challenges, board games, card games, puzzles and titles related to special events, such as Easter, Halloween and Christmas. The best thing is, absolutely all of their 500+ game titles are free to play and require no downloads. You do need to watch the occasional ad to keep the games free, but otherwise, this is a great source of entertainment that won't cost you a thing.

28 March 2024

Free Christmas Recipes - Whatever time of year it is, this site will help to get you feeling festive. Christmas Crafts and Recipes, as the name suggests, is home to a brilliant collection of original craft ideas and Christmas recipes that you won't find anywhere else. Each recipe is accompanied by ingredient lists (with convenient links to help you buy any items that you may be missing), detailed descriptions of the cooking process, and tempting photos of the finished creation. Check them out.

24 March 2024

Healthy Easter Recipes - Is that even a thing? Surely Easter is all about indulgence, as we welcome in a season of renewal. As this website makes clear, though, it's possible to do both - to enjoy spirited, flavorsome festive dishes, while still delivering a nutritional experience for all involved. Check out seven free, healthy Easter recipes right here.

22 February 2024

Carl Griffith's 1847 Oregon Trail Sourdough Starter is quite the mouthful - in more ways than one! If you'd like to experiment with creating your own sourdough bread and nurturing the "starter" from which sourdough is born, this is quite the deal. Not only a freebie, this is a genuine piece of history. The starter that you will receive dates back at least as far as 1847 and has been kept alive by Carl Griffith and a group of volunteers in the years since. From the original source, they produce a steady stream of starter (a semi-dry mixture of wheat flour, water and sourdough organisms - including wild yeast and lactobacteria). It takes some effort to keep the starter alive and functioning, but once you receive this, you can use it as the basis for as much sourdough as you can handle. Click on the link above for details about how to claim your free starter. It just requires that you send a stamped, self-addressed envelope to the Oregon Trail Sourdough crew and they'll post the dried starter mix to you.

11 February 2024

Healthy St Patrick's Day Recipes - If you intend to plan a party for St Patrick's Day this year, or wish to contribute a surprising dish to a potluck at work, this collection will lead you in the right direction. Health Food Recipe is offering up a lucky 7 Irish-inspired recipes, each of which is designed to be healthy and delicious. From Shamrock Smoothie Bowls through to a hearty Irish Root Vegetable Stew (yum) and the tempting Irish Apple and Barley Pudding dessert, these are bound to have you feeling warm and comforted this St Paddy's Day.

4 February 2024

FounderFlix, gives entrepreneurs, business owners and startup founders with all of the inspiration and guidance they could ever need to drive their business ventures forward. Containing hundreds of videos that are tailored to decision makers within high-growth businesses, this site is filled with motivational material, biographies of successful entrepreneurs, step-by-step marketing guidance and leadership tips, among other gems.

Screensavers Planet is home to 1000s of gorgeous screensavers. While some are just free to try, the majority of their selection are absolutely free, with no catches or time limitations. Check out everything from a popular screensaver inspired by The Matrix, through to the classic "3D Pipes" saver that was seen everywhere a couple of decades ago, right through to beautiful aquarium scenes, clocks, seasonal savers and more.

Blender is a 3D modelling, texturing, lighting and animation software package that is rapidly becoming the industry standard. Yet, surprisingly, the open source software package is available completely free. If you're keen to get into game development, filmmaking, architectural visualization or any other form of 3D design, Blender is a perfect place to start.

Microsoft Desktop Themes - it makes sense that the company behind the Windows operating system would be keen to share a collection of themes to help you to customize the appearance of their desktop. This collection contains free desktop themes and wallpapers related to topics such as Animals, Games, Cars, Nature and much more.

20 January 2024

Simplot Food Samples - This provider of snacks, fruits, vegetables, grains and pasta is generously offering people to select two of their products to be sent out as samples. The company services both the USA and Southeast Asia, and persumably this free food sample offer applies to both regions.

9 January 2024

Historical Diaries and Letters may be accessed for free through the DiaryFile website. This important collection includes such items as letters to and from Titanic passengers, through to personal tales from the American Civil War era, the Battle of Quebec, the Second Boer War and stories from teachers and Hollywood stars alike. Primary sources such as these are valuable in learning about History, as they depict the human experience of living through events that we've heard about, in an often vulnerable and honest tone that hasn't been filtered by textbook publishers over the years.

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