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Star Wars Tie Fighter animation May 2005 signals the worldwide release of the long-awaited final instalment of George Lucas' Star Wars legacy, Episode III - Revenge of the Sith. We at the All-4-Free Freebie Tree are celebrating the capping off of this mythological masterpiece with a collection of links to free Star Wars goodies. After all, we feel that the only thing better than Star Wars merchandise is FREE Star Wars merchandise! :) Rebel logo

So, join the legions of eager fans in rejoicing the archetypal battle of Good vs Evil that will determine Darth Vader's inevitable destiny. Check out our range of streaming video content, postcards, screensavers, images, contests and special events below:


Alan's Star Wars Page features countless digital Star Wars freebies. Amongst their collection are images, sounds, midi sequences, movies and desktop icons for Windows. Please note that most of these materials are protected by copyright laws, so unauthorised usage is prohibited. Although it doesn't always apply, and is not entirely legally justified, the general rule applied to employing copyright materials within your own work is that you must obtain permission only if the work is of a commercial or public nature. Personal usage, therefore, is generally accepted by all parties.*

CNN have developed three great interactive arenas wherin one can release their pent-up Star Wars knowledge and/or anxiety. Featuring a trivia section, a quiz that will challenge even the most ardent fan, and an innovative 'Write Along' feature whereby you are invited to contibute your own portion of an ongoing, online Star Wars literary epic.

Comedy Central present the riotous downloadable fois-trailer Park Wars: The Little Menace, which replicates each scene from the first popular Episode I trailer, while replacing the original characters and dialogue with those from South Park. The trailer has not been officially endorsed by the production companies behind either program, and does not represent and 'real' upcoming film, but is intended purely as lighthearted entertainment - and on that promise, it delivers.

Countdown to Star Wars features live webcam coverage of the growing ticket lines for the film, as well as a real-time digital countdown clock to the second the first public screening begins. The site also features a bulletin board and free trivia challenge.

CountdownTV represents a genuine revolution in Internet broadcasting. Similar in application to a public-access cable channel, CountdownTV broadcasts a combination of live and prepared video content from a variety of sources. Where this particular service differs is twofold. Firstly, CountdownTV is, obviously, utilising online video streaming technology to better facilitate its distribution than traditional cable. Secondly, and most interestingly, it centres solely around one topic - Star Wars: Episode I. Featuring real and fake commercials, fan films, skits and news reports, interspersed with line coverage and interviews with those camping out for tickets. For those who haven't managed to score tickets for the first screening of Lucas' film, CountdownTV could provide all the butterflies-in-your-stomach anticipation you need to pull you through May 19th.

Echo Station offers free web-based email services to Star Wars fans at either Coruscant.Net or BothanSpy.Com. In addition, they present a number of online games, digital postcards and a weekly trivia contest in which the knowledgable few are presented the opportunity to walk away with a selection of TPM-related prizes.

Evan's Star Wars Cinema features three original short films that star action figures from the trilogy. Just to give you an indication of what you are in for when visiting this site - his film's, entitled Kung Fu Kenobi's Big Adventure, Godzilla Versus Disco Lando and Quentin Tarantino's Star Wars, feature hand puppets, lego sets, jerky motion and vintage action figures in a variety of awkward positions. Where the production values fall somewhat short of those endorsed by ILM, though, Evan impresses with slick dialogue and redeeming ingenuity. Evan's eye for timing and composition is clear in the quality fan-films, all of which are hilarious and utterly compelling. The films are available for download in both Quicktime and RealVideo formats.

The Force.net promise to deliver your 'daily dose of Star Wars'. In this particular section, they present just that - a Star Wars parody (actually created in 1997) aimed at holding you over until May's big day of judgement. Entitled Troops, this wildly popular parody short by Kevin Rubio (available in Quicktime format) promises an hilarious blend of Star Wars and Cops.

JediNet is quickly becoming one of the most popular Star Wars-related sites on the Net - and it's no wonder when they provide as many freebeis as they do. This link will take you to the site's multimedia section, which contains video trailers from all of the films in the original trilogy. Images, sounds and full screenplays are also contained on the site. One note of caution, though: die-hard fans should allocate a significant amount of time for their visit to this site...it is loaded!

NewsDroid has been established as your one-stop shop for latest-breaking Star Wars news. Described as the 'CNN of Star Wars', NewsDroid often launches news regarding contests, downloads and chat sessions regarding the film before anyone else on the Web.

SagaSearch - Star Wars Search presents a directory loaded with so many free Star Wars goodies that you'll think you're at a sci-fi convention. Find everything from free Episode III-inspired wallpapers and screensavers to classic trilogy fansites, discount retail outlets and more. This one's not the be missed.

ScreensaverShot.com is distributing both an Episode I screensaver and a Star Wars - A New Hope saver. Both screensavers feature a slideshow of stills from their respective movies. The Episode I instalment, in addition, includes active links to three brief video clips from the upcoming release.

Star Bears is a fiendishly funny Star Wars spoof site featuring an exciting Shockwave game, entitled The Fandom Menace, as well as a trivia section and more. Slick and fun.

Star Wars - The Official Site has been beseiged by literally millions of fans during the past few months. It stands as the official source of Episode I news, updates and media releases. Amongst their media releases are a range of video files, including the two trailers, television commercials and the newly released music video - all of which are available in either streaming or downloadable Quicktime format from the site. The Apple Quicktime software is also available to download free from the site, so you won't have to worry about compatibility with your system. Check out the future of digital film now.

Star Wars Chicks provides a forum for female fans of the movie, who have largely been ignored by the press. In honor of promoting the strong female characters that are central to the Star Wars universe (Leia, Queen Amidala and the new female Jedi Masters), they have launched a fiction writing contest wherein fans are invited to create original short stories based on Lucas' vision of the Star Wars universe. While the stories do not have to revolve around a central female character, it is highly recommended. The contest will run until May 31st, when two winners will each receive an impressive (though unspecified) Star Wars-related prize.

The Star Wars Database represents a huge archive of free goodies for fans, including a multimedia archive, online cartoons & comic strips, fan chat and free email (at Naboomail.com).

StarWarz.com are supporting the production of a totally computer-generated fan video based in the Star Wars universe. The site offers details regarding the film's plot and its creation. A series of trailers to the film (entitled Star Wars: Legacy) are available for download in either RealVideo or MPEG format.

Voila.com entices fans into the spirit of Star Wars fever by offering free 'Jedi Chat', news, 24/7 live video coverage of the ticket lineups and more.

ZDNet ran a story back in 1997 that marked the release of the Special Edition trilogy with a collection of downloadable games. This selection, most set in the Star Wars universe, still prove exciting in the anticipatory moments prior to the release of the prequels.


Stay tuned...there will be many more Star Wars-related freebies added to this page throughout the months of May and June to coincide with its international release dates!

PLEASE NOTE: Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi and The Phantom Menace are registered trademarks of Lucasfilm Ltd. Their usage herein is in no way intended to damage the company or to impose on its intellectual property rights. All images and midi files associated with this page are believed to be public domain promotional materials, and are used as such. If any employees of Lucasfilm express to Para-Noir Productions their disapproval of the employment of such materials on this page, they will be removed instantly.

* This statement is not intended as legal advice. Usage of such materials is carried out at one's own risk.

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