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Special Feature:
Happy New Year!

Y2KWell, despite what we've been told for the last few years, that nasty little Y2K bug failed to bite, and we were left to welcome in the 21st Century in style! And now that you've had a few days to recuperate from the biggest global party in the history of mankind, it's time to buckle down and focus on staying faithful to your Millennial Resolutions. Resolutions

In order to make this as painless as possible, the All-4-Free Freebie Tree has brought together a collection of resources aimed at helping you keep your resolutions; whether it be to quit smoking, lose weight, get fit, manage your budget, organize yourself or to maintain or regain regular correspondence with friends of old. Well, what are you waiting for?...


allHealth offers its users a Digital Conscience. This works by sending you email messages that support and encourage you in the effort to quit smoking, lose weight, or whatever! The Conscience can take on one of three personalities - Mom (loving, warm), Constance (friendly, supporting) or Coach (stern, motivational). Heaps of fun...and it may just help you reach your goals.

The Anonymous Press have placed the internationally successful Alcoholics Anonymous publication online. The motivational, psychologically-calming volume is available to read online in its entirety, and may be searched by keyword; thus allowing you to locate the points most poignant to your personal struggle.

Ask Rick! offers free "expert" advice to people tacking with psychological and emotional trauma, in privacy and with honesty. Rick claims to be able to help people through their efforts to quit smoking, lose weight, grapple with their self esteem and to iron out relationship and sexual problems - quite a handy skill to have! While we make no guarantees regarding his ability or qualifications, his advice may present a much-needed boost to one's confidence in the face of adversity.

Crosstrainer is an incredibly functional piece of software designed both for athletes and for those who have set themselves fitness-related goals. The software can assist you in tracking how many calories you consume, and how many you burn. It can also recommend action or take your personal fitness data and illustrate your progress in a series of graphs aimed at keeping you on track. The software is available free for 30 days.

Dante' Productions aim to remove some of the clutter from your desktop, and your ratty-old address book, by giving away their extremely functional Electronic Assistant Lite. This program acts as an all-in-one digital organiser, journal, calculator, to-do list and calendar. Additionally, it features a number of customizable tools that personalize your experience.

DietWatch provides daily support to those who are making the effort to regain a healthy bodyweight this year. Along with daily dietary tips, recipes and advice, DietWatch allows you to chat with other members of their community to let you know that you aren't alone in the battle. Membership is free. is determined to keep you determined. They are offering a Resolution Reminder that generates fortnightly email reminders to keep you focused on the achievement of your long-term goals. They also have a Goal Tracker service that allows you to map out subject-specific aims.

iPING presents a reminder service that operates through your phone network. Using messages that you supply, or optional info streams, iPING's systems will call you at the appropriate time. This service is advertiser-supported, so it remains free for its users. helps you to take control of your life, by emailing you reminder messages before significant events (as specified by you), such as your anniversary, you mom's birthday, etc.

MJK Software Writers have created a program that keeps tally of your monthly bills and other expenses, while presenting you with the most efficient method of keeping up with your payments. Try it free for 45 days.

Modern Business Computing offers a service specifically designed for those who possess an aversion to car maintenance. Keep your vehicle running smoothly by tracking its mileage, fuel consumption, frequency of services, etc, within a user-friendly interface. Some features limited in the free demo.

Mortgage Wizard Plus will get you off the rental bandwagon and help you track down both the best home loan on offer, and the best payment plan for you. This is a simple freeware application based upon the types of mathematical formulae that we all learnt at highschool (and forgot a few weeks after graduating), but it could help you to cut a sizeable amount of money, and time, off your loan.

Mountain Software hsa developed an application that will have you moving your PC into the kitchen. Home Cookin is a useful recipe management system that lets you enter recipes, generate shopping lists and plan meals according to date. Free demo version supports up to 100 recipes.

The No Smoke Cafe presents three Quit Meters. Each Quit Meter is a freeware application that informs quitters as to the money they've saved, the life they've preserved and the length of time that has elapsed since they quit.

Pat's Millennium Backgrounds reveals that not everything related to the year 2000 was shrouded in doom 'n' gloom. Use these free graphics to jazz up your email greetings to friends, your paper-based cards or your website. If these graphics appear on your website, Pat asks for a link back in return for the privilege.

RKS Software has produced a password-protected diary program that promises to help you map out your goals and achievements for your eyes only. Free 30-day trial version.

Self Improvement Online is offering a free email newsletter filled with inspirational quotes, tips for self-improvement and links to valuable resources.

Smoking Cessation has developed a motivational quitter's certificate and series of post-it notes that remind you to keep up the effort, and to quit.

YoungSuccess is currently offering teens and other young-at-hearters a free Goal Planning Journal that aids one in determining goals and developing an effective long-term action plan to maximise the chance of achievement.

Zentrum Publishing has created a freeware program that pulls together a range of knowledge regarding the ancient art of Yoga. This program includes illustrated instructions that help you master the physical portion of the artform, while their in-depth philosophical and spiritual passages also illustrate Yoga's central driving forces.


Of course, the All-4-Free Freebie Tree contains a number of additional links that can offer assistance in helping you reach your goals as painlessly (and inexpensively) as is humanly possible. For example, if your resolution is to "Save Money", then try visiting ANY of our pages. Otherwise, you may find something of interest in the following categories:

  • BEAUTY - Looking better can make you feel better, as well as maintaining your physical health.
  • CALENDARS - Keep track of your long-term goals with a variety of free Year 2000 calendars.
  • EDUCATIONAL - The links here, and in the Books section can help you focus your attention on increasing your knowledge.
  • EMAIL - Keep in touch with your friends of old with a free email account or using free online Greeting Cards.
  • HEALTH - Maintain a healthy, active lifestyle with help from our Health and Sports categories.


Stay tuned...there will be many more Resolution-keeping freebies added to this page throughout the month of January!

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